Trixie Belden Mysteries

Collectors' Catalogue - 2016


The "cameo" cover.
Remember these fun mystery stories from the 1970s? We like to keep plenty in stock because we know collectors are searching for these vintage children's favourites, which were published in several different formats, both hard cover and paperback.
The easiest to find in Australia are the paperbacks by Golden Press. Even these came in two formats, the so-called "cameo" cover and the "square" cover. The rarest square covers sell for around $40-$50!
Here's a list of Trixies we have in stock at the time of posting. (Prices are in Australian dollars.) Stock can change over time, so please email or phone 0403 208 100 to find out what we have. We're always happy to answer your enquiries.

#3 The Gatehouse Mystery $6.50
#6 The Mystery in Arizona$7.50
#11 The Mystery at Bob-White Cave$7.50
#12 The Mystery of the Blinking Eye$7.50
#3 The Gatehouse Mystery $6.50
#13 The Mystery on Cobbett's Island$7.50
#14 The Mystery of the Emeralds$7.50
#17 The Mystery of The Uninvited Guest$7.50
#33 The Mystery of The Vanishing Victim$12.00
#34 The Mystery of The Missing Millionaire$18.00
#36 The Mystery of The Antique Doll$45.00
The Trixie Belden Mystery Quiz Book Number 1$14.00