Friday, 6 November 2015

We've Got Robots!

The perfect desk toy, wind up toy robots became popular after World War Two. Produced by Japan, the first models were probably the "Lilliput" and "Atomic". Both are still available as reproductions and you can buy them at Maisie's, along with many other wind-up collectibles. The mechanism is usually clockwork and the body is tin, often with a lithographed (printed) design. The "Planet" robot comes in red, black and silver, and is our most popular robot. Phone 8271 5333 and ask us to put yours on hold. Note: these tin collectibles don't meet Australian safety standards and are not suitable for young children. They make excellent gifts for grown-ups, however.

Robot "Atomic"
(large) $56.00
"Planet" comes in black, red
or silver chrome $39.90
Robot "Sparking Eyes"