Thursday, 17 December 2015

Open Until Christmas!

New Stock to Complete Your Christmas Shopping!

Hasn't it been hot?! We don't blame you if you haven't braved the shops in this weather. It will be cool again on Sunday and we'll be open EVERY DAY 10am to 4pm up to and including Christmas Eve. (Hot weather hours apply on Saturday 19th; 9am to 1pm)

New Pathfinder Mechanical Wood Models have arrived. Your resident engineer will love the Da Vinci Helicopter or Ornithopter and the family medievalist will go ape for a scale model Medieval Seige Tower. The Dinosaur and Pteranodon are perfect for kids, who can paint them when completed. If your taste is Robotics, buy yourself a Hydraulic Robotic Arm that you can actually use to move things around on your desk. These are all kits that you make yourself using the easy to follow instructions. Even the glue is provided.
To reserve yours call 8271 5333 or email 
Da Vinci Helicopter $42.50

medieval Seige Tower $46.90

Friday, 27 November 2015

Amazing Working Models - Just In!

Brilliant Automatons and Machines

Just arrived - amazing moving wooden models you can make yourself: an ornithopter, pet pteranodon or a dragon, a robotic arm and a medieval trebuchet. You put the whole mechanism together yourself using the parts and instructions in the kit. These fun projects teach maths, science, engineering, technology and critical thinking. Awesome for Christmas or any time. For ages 8 to adult.

OTHER MODELS AVAILABLE TO ORDER. Enquiries: or 08 8271 5333

Hydraulic Robotic Arm $44.90 Lift and move real objects (not the furniture!)
Medieval Trebuchet (sling shot) $44.90 Remember these from Horrible Histories?

Automaton Pteranodon $24.90 Turn the handle to see the flying motion.
Da Vinci Ornithopter $54.90 based on the great inventor's own design.

Automaton Dragon $39.90 Paint and name your dragon, and watch the life-like action.

Friday, 6 November 2015

We've Got Robots!

The perfect desk toy, wind up toy robots became popular after World War Two. Produced by Japan, the first models were probably the "Lilliput" and "Atomic". Both are still available as reproductions and you can buy them at Maisie's, along with many other wind-up collectibles. The mechanism is usually clockwork and the body is tin, often with a lithographed (printed) design. The "Planet" robot comes in red, black and silver, and is our most popular robot. Phone 8271 5333 and ask us to put yours on hold. Note: these tin collectibles don't meet Australian safety standards and are not suitable for young children. They make excellent gifts for grown-ups, however.

Robot "Atomic"
(large) $56.00
"Planet" comes in black, red
or silver chrome $39.90
Robot "Sparking Eyes"

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Where did that website go?

Just arrived on this blog? Wondering where our old website went?
This is the NEW, UPDATED Maisie's Books site! As you can see, it's a blog but there are also fixed pages you can view to find out our location, opening times and services. Look for "Pages" in the menu to the right of this text.
We'll gradually add more pages, with lists of our more collectible and special interest books. To order any of our stock, email us directly on We are a small operation and you'll get helpful, personal service.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Game of Game of Thrones?

At Maisie's now: Game of Thrones Monopoly! The perfect Christmas present for the Thrones tragic in your family.(Sorry to mention Christmas when it's still only October, but these have just been released and may run out quickly.) Pop into our shop on Goodwood Rd, or we can mail it to you for a reasonable fee if you live out in the sticks.
Our Price: $69

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Top Sellers Sept 15

Who's Hot?

  • Gillian Flynn  Her thriller "Gone Girl" Our price $9
  • Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" There are more people walking around looking for this book than there are copies for them to read. If you'd like to part with yours, come in and see us. (Literary Fiction) Not in stock
  • Liane Moriarty  "Big Little Lies", "The Husband's Secret" and others (fiction) Our price $9.90 - $14
  • Bill Bryson Treat yourself to a read of "A Walk in the Woods" Who would have thought trail walking could be so laugh-out-loud funny? (Travel Memoir) Our price $11
  • George R.R. Martin "Game of Thrones" series. We can never have enough of these. (Fantasy) Our price $9 - 14.90
  • Alexander McCall Smith Scotland's best loved tuba player is a keen observer of human foibles, an author with a warm heart and a prolific storyteller. Best known for "The No1 Ladies Detective Agency" but his Scotland Street series is also a big hit. (Fiction) Our price around $12.90

    [Subject to availabilty. Prices were correct on date of publication]

Grand Old Girls of the 1900s

Anne's Diary

A couple came in with some gorgeous Girls' Annuals at least 100 years old. With books like these I offer to keep them in the shop for sale on commission. First I do some research to determine prices for them, but I need the customer to leave the books with me so I can do that. These customers didn't want to, even though I would write out a list of all books they left here as a receipt. This being the case, there is nothing I can do to help them sell the books.